Streamline your everyday tasks, control your costs and control your brand.

Multi-location enterprises require a host of compliant, up-to-date documents, forms and sales and marketing assets to operate efficiently and maintain brand continuity from location-to-location.

Focus is a customized, online, marketing on-demand solution for growing multi-location enterprises. Focus streamlines your everyday tasks, controls your costs and controls your brand.

Common Corporate Challenges
About half of the time, the corporate offices and marketing departments become a hub for frequent, repetitive and time consuming requests. —From order taking, one-off creative and document proofing to document management and inventory control, these busy teams have less time to focus on their primary objectives that promote business growth.

Common Location Challenges
Your locations may order products from one or more print providers. They often lose time in their day placing calls and sending emails back and forth for print requests. Redundant set-up fees, miscellaneous charges and higher unit costs are accrued due to the timing of the orders. Your brand may be losing continuity as locations make changes to products, use inconsistent messaging, color and out-of date-materials. This trend becomes the status quo year-after-year unless something changes.

Challenges that effect both Corporate and Locations
The corporate team may not have an instant high-level view of what products are used at every location, the frequency of use, and if the products are up-to-date.  Both may be relying on an antiquated system of binders, spreadsheets, and folders to keep track of their products.  Without instant updates, and reporting, crucial business and marketing intelligence can be lost.

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