Our 'Focus' marketing on-demand solution helps multi-location companies to streamline everyday tasks, control costs, save time and control their brands.

Using 'Focus,' your company will be able to organize, customize, order and distribute company-wide marketing assets efficiently and economically.

Marketing Asset Management

Marketing assets stored in your private portal can be customized using pre-approved templates to ensure brand assets are 100% compliant.

Digital Asset Management

Your digital files and marketing assets are organized into customized folders and accessible by users with permissions. You control who has access to specific materials, so everyone has an organized place to utilize what is relevant to them.

Brand Management

Protect your brand identity, and ensure complete compliance company-wide by providing only approved marketing materials in your portal.

Sales Enablement

Your sales team can modify and order approved collateral, promotional goods, and even business cards without sending multiple requests to marketing to update the information they need.

Business Intelligence

Built-in reporting to know what departments are ordering materials, and how frequently. Understand what sales assets are performing the best for your sales team.

User Profiles

Profiles are created and assigned to different locations or user groups, and each have secure online access to only the assets they need.

Ordering Made Simple

Users order the assets they need, and when they need them! Everyone saves time by reducing touches, phone calls and emails for order placement. An easy-to-use online website with our end-to-end approval workflow sends automatic notifications to management for approval or purchase order assignment.

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